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    The much awaited show of the year “REWIND ’07-70”, ‘dine n dance’ gala musical evening got to a splendid start on Thursday, October 25 at the Al Rashidiya Ballroom, Al Bustan Rotana Hotel, Dubai. It was a day to remember to unite all the Konkani speaking community spread all over the Emirates under one umbrella with the theme “Rays of Hope and Rainbows of Joy”. At this occasion St. Mary’s Konkan Community (SMKC) commemorated their 6th Anniversary, having completed six glorious years of selfless service to the community.



    The doors were open at 7.30 PM with the DJ, Rudolf Duarte, playing the soft music. The show commenced at 9.15 PM with the young and charming Annie Menezes, co-hostess for the evening, entered the scene welcoming one and all.  She then invited Fr.Freddy Dsouza – the Spiritual Director and Noel Mascarenhas, Main Coordinator of SMKC Dubai to the dais to declare open the splendid gala evening program “REWIND ‘07-70”.



    Fr, Freddy D’souza led a short prayer thanking the Almighty for His showers of blessings and thanked all the benevolent Sponsors, who made the show possible by their generous participation. This was followed by the song “showers of blessings”.


    Mr. Noel Mascarenhas (Main Coordinator of SMKC) proudly announced that the proceeds collected over the 5 annual fund raising events -  “Konkan Showers”, a total amount of AED 663,041.00=INR 8 million in cash was contributed towards the needy back home in Mangalore since Oct 2001.    Funds were distributed to educate many students for higher education in the field of Engineering, medicine and other vocational courses. The funds were also distributed to homeless to build homes, widows, orphans and sick people. He specially thanked all the Sponsors and also the SMKC volunteers for their untiring support.



    Annie then introduced host of the evening, Mr. Ivan D’lima, the one and only lovable and endearing MC, especially flown-in from Canada, to take the centre stage.   Ivan has not forgotten his charming and unique oratory skills in the cold weather there.   With his usual humor and style, kept the crowd tapping their feet on the dance floor until the wee hours of the next morning.


    Annie then introduced Broadway dancers, a well known dance troupe, who were specially invited to perform live on stage.   Their rhythmic and stunning dance performances mesmerized the audience throughout their 4 shows.


    The famous band from Goa, the CASCADES -  6 team members – Victor Pereira on the drums, Paul Po on the lead guitar, Kevin Mendes on keyboard, Darryl Figueiredo on Bass guitar, Beverly Menezes on vocals and Steven Gonsalves behind the scene as Sound Engineer then took on the stage.


    The “sponsors’ special” first song “Mogan Aso Borem” was dedicated to all Sponsors. Immediately after the first 45 minutes session, the felicitation of all the sponsors was conducted with grand decorum as the core committee members escorted all the dignitaries to the stage to receive their dazzling “DHOW” mementoes.  Each and every Sponsor had just one common sentence to say - “The show was simply fabulous!”


    Over 1000 crowd witnessed this great event.  All the invitations for “REWIND ‘07-70” were grabbed by the well-wishers even before the countdown of a week before the show, sending the late birds highly disappointed. SMKC Dubai’s organizational skills depicted in the well mannered audience, who were very much glued to their seats and were enjoying the show to the fullest. Even though a sumptuous dinner was served at 11.30 PM, no one wanted to rush to the dining tables.


    Galore of prizes won in contests on SMKC Dubai’s own website www.konkanuae.com “Christen the Event & Suggest a Slogan”, and “Entry Ticket Lucky Draw” was given away to the winners and lot of giveaways and gifts were distributed to the audience who stayed behind enjoying 3 A.M and beyond.


    The whole program was divided into four musical sessions. The first session was filled with sentimental songs and the band “CASCADES” took us down the memory lane of ‘70s, slowly progressing into 1980s, 1990s and 2000. It also included the Novelty dance with – lovely Venetian masquerades - on face of the dancing couples.  Few were lucky to win good prizes that included air tickets and other electronic items.  The CASCADES were simply fantastic and won the hearts of all audience, as they played one after another lovely numbers like Missisipi, Like a Rhinestone Cowboy, Jambalaya, Waterloo, Susanna, Achy Breaky Heart, It’s a Holi-Holiday, YMCA, Cocaine, Sultan’s of Swing, just to name a few.



    The bubbly & attractive, Annie Menezes, was there in her tilting musical voice compering along with the seasoned and fully charged Ivan D’lima



    “CASCADES” played non stop baila in the last session that brought the entire audience on the floor.  At the end, the seating looked empty but the dancing floor was over filled with dazzling couples and the SMKC Dubai committee members too. Both Ivan and Annie played their roles well and gave a befitting conclusion to their anchorship as they ended the show at around 3.00 AM, although the crowd was screaming for more!!


    Right from the stage settings to the seating arrangements, SMKC members worked hard to see the success of this annual event.  Wilfred Noronha, Gerald D'Souza and Denzil Fernandes, three enterprising honorary supporters of SMKC Dubai, took charge of stage management as well as program coordination.  They are indeed to be saluted along with the other core committee members and volunteers who worked tirelessly over the past 4-5 months to put up such an exuberant show. 


    As in the past, SMKC Dubai thrived to produce a glamorous show with a lot of difference and style so that cosmopolitan crowd could also go home satisfied and fully entertained.   Again it was an innovative and dazzling event - a SMKC venture - that never fails. 


    Many Sponsors and well wishers irrespective of region and culture had come forward to join hands with SMKC Dubai in their promising slogan to spread “RAYS OF HOPE AND RAINBOWS OF JOY” to the needy.



    Yes, SMKC DUBAI CARES for the poor and needy and also all the sponsors and well wishers reciprocated with equivalent love and care for their mission.


    Until next year, God bless you all with love and care too………





    As reported by:

    Urban Sequeira & Jennifer Mascarenhas

    News and Photo upload by:

    Edwin Mathias

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