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    SMKC Dubai Family Fun Day Friday 16th January 2009

    Dubai, January 17:  St. Mary's Konkan Community (SMKC) Dubai began their activities for  the year  2009 on a very exciting and thrilling note by organizing a picnic on Friday - January 16, 2009  at Zabeel ParkGate no. 1 from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.  Full advantage was taken of the pleasant weather and cool winds that prevailed during this part of the year to conduct an outdoor activity. The fun loving crowd of over 600 + and the cool month of January made the family day out a runaway success. The sprawling lush green lawn of the Zabeel Park was the perfect place for the picnic.

    SMKC Dubai members assembled at the venue at 8.30 a.m.  The day was reserved for picnic lovers who joined together as one large family with the theme "one family, one community, one fun day"   and had fun from dawn till dusk. The entire event was conducted by Lawrence D'souza, Jennifer Mascarenhas, Bhaskar and Vincent Pereira.


    SMKC food committee in-charge Lawrence D'Almeida and team - Ivan D’souza, Gilbert, Jovin, Edwin and Jacky Star team served delicious breakfast at 8.30 a.m.  Mr. Boniface Carlo welcomed the crowd and he spoke about unity of the Konkani community.   He thanked all the well wishers, sponsors and the committee members for their whole hearted support and hard work. He then urged all picnickers to fully participate in all the activities arranged for the day. 

    The picnic revellers got into action with a warm up game wherein the crowd was split up  into  groups  based on their surnames.  These groups were slowly eliminated one by one by picking out the names and finally the surname group "Frias" was the winner.  This was followed by games like ‘gateway to Heaven’, ‘Peace, love & hate’ for all  and  bursting the balloon for the couples.


    Different variety of games like Card elimination & Dodging the ball were held for tiny tots and youngsters.  These were conducted by Bhaskar, Jennifer, Lawrence, Rohan, Gilbert, Kiran, Antony, Veronica, Frenny, Ozzie, Fidelia, Ulhas, Vincent, Nancy and Ozzie.   The highlight of the event was “ANGELICA” the cartoon character of the day who walked in the most colorful clothes, mask, red umbrella and goodie bag of biscuits.



    Later on the group was divided into SIX teams based on the colored friendship wrist bands worn by the participants.  The teams were split up into red, black, blue, maroon, green and yellow.  They had to select a team name and appoint their team captains.  Appropriate names were selected by each team - Redbull, black stallion, Royal blue, Ever Green, Bang-on Maroon and  Reindeer yellow.   Each and every team participated in all the team games lined up and had real good fun and frolic.



    Sumptuous lunch was served by Jacky’s Star Restaurant at 1.00 p.m.   During the lunch break a short presentation was given by Tushar John of Emmanuel Construction highlighting their current projects at Mangalore, Bangalore and Goa.

    A brief intro of SMKC and its activities was given by Mr. Vincent Pereira.  He highlighted the achievements and charitable work done by the group. He applauded all the committee members for their dedication and hard work.    They have given away 9.5 million rupees to the needy in Mangalore and he thanked the people who come forward and helped generously in achieving this objective.


    An exciting Cat Walk was held and some beauties of SMKC walked down the ramp and exhibited their fashion and talents in front of the large audience and onlookers as well.  Some selected few exhibited their dramatic skills by presenting TV Commercials like hairstyle, Isabgole, Nokia and Balm which was appreciated and applauded by all.

    The teams took part in different games and accumulated points for their respective teams.  The  thrilling breaking of pot and many other games were organized  by Vincent Pereira, Jennifer, Lawrence, Bhaskar, Kiran, Frenny, Norbert Sequeira, Richard, Paul & Jovin along with the  other SMKC volunteers who  got into action. The games included: 

    "Fighting Cats" for 3 to 8 years, Bible Puzzle, Laughing Gas, Adam’s AppleTwo winners were selected for each category of games and prizes were given away to the winners.

    Spot games like Maximum woollen clothes, Longest hair, Maximum supermarket bills, Longest nail" were conducted and prizes were given away to the winners.   To get the crowd on the groove a game of Housie and winners carried away lovely prizes.

    Tea was served with delicious buns at 4.30 pm and everyone seemed to have enjoyed the picnic right from the start and were exhausted completely.  They were now eagerly waiting to know the result of their team work. The group games were judged by 5 prominent persons from the community.  The emerging winners were Reindeer yellow followed by Bang-on Maroon who were the first runners up.

    At the end of the event everyone was happy as they took home some gifts for themselves and their children.   There were gifts galore donated by well wishers and committee members. A special mention must be made of the following sponsors, who supported whole heartedly in cash:

    Mr. Michael D'souza (Oasis Court Apartments), Mr. Vincent D'souza (Evolin Paint) and Ms. Donet Sujata D’silva & team (Emmanuel Construction) along with other Gift Sponsors.

    Mr. Norbert Sequeira thanked all the well wishers, sponsors committee members and the participants of various groups.

    A Concluding Baila dance session was held and every one left the venue having thoroughly enjoyed the fun and frolic at 6.15 PM. 

    A lot of effort had gone into the selection of the spot to make sure that the day would be comfortable and enjoyable for all who attended, children and adults alike, and it indeed was.





    Report and Photographs by: Alphonse Mendonca, Anisha Martis and Claude Fernandes Team Mangalorean . com

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