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    SMKC Correspondents :    Amitha D’souza & Jennifer Mascarenhas

    Friday, February 10, 2012:

    It couldn’t have been a better day for the 11th SMKC DUBAI Family Fun Day 2012 which got off to a flying start on the 10th of February 2012 at the Zabeel Park. The organizers & volunteers left no stone unturned in their bid to make the 11th edition of SMKC picnic, exciting and exhilarating.  To find out just how exciting it was, read on….

    Over 600 people attended the picnic, which started off with a hearty and tasty breakfast of idlis & vada and a refreshing tea! The picnickers were asked to register themselves at the counter and the registration slips went into a draw. In the evening during the prize distribution, 4 lucky people won exciting prizes!

    Shortly thereafter, the emcees of the day – young talented Roshan D’Silva & charming bubbly Amitha D’Souza - took off to a good start by inviting the people to group themselves based on surnames, meet and mingle and make new friends!

    Mrs. Veronica Rego, newly elected President, in her first appearance after donning the mantle of President of SMKC, warmly welcomed the gathering and gave them a glimpse of the day’s events. She along with SMKC Members released a bunch of colourful balloons to mark the start of the picnic!




    The first game of the day, ‘Up the Burj Khalifa’ was played, giving the picnickers a much needed warm up and after that there was no stopping them, which was evident from their total and complete participation in all games conducted throughout the day.

    Tiny Tots aided by their mothers, played “Passing the Teddy” and “Colour Treasure Hunt”! Slightly older kids in the age group 4 – 9, played and impressed the crowd with their “Aiming at the bucket” skills! Girls and Boys in the age group 9 -16, smartly “dodged the Ball” while Senior Citizens over the age of 60, played a graceful round of “Funny Musical Caps”.

    A whole lot of couples took part in the “Hula Hoops” and were quite happy to be in the hoop with their loved one! “Limbo Dancing” conducted for anyone and everyone willing to do the Limbo was a great hit. For most of them it may have been their very time at Limbo dancing, but gauging by their reaction, it will not be their last!!

    The “Grand Photo Contest” stall managed by SMKC member Frenny, was an instant hit as people posed for photographs in the giant frame in colorful attire. At the end of the evening, a loving family and santa claus clad boy were declared as winners of the contest.










    After all the excitement and exercise provided by the games, it was time for some R&R. Lunch was served thereafter and as usual SMKC Organizers had gone the extra mile to ensure that the meal provided would be both hearty and delicious.

    After the revival of the sound system, the picnic progressed into its next stage. Picnickers were informed that “SMKC Has Talent” would be conducted towards tea time and those interested in exhibiting any talent be it dancing, singing, mimicry were to give their names , however due to time constraints, only 10 entries would be accepted on a first come first served basis.

    Teams were quickly made, Captains selected and for the rest of the afternoon the Teams, S (Sailors), M (Mangalore Friends), K (Kolaveri) & C (Chikni Chamelis) displayed skill in “Hula Hoops Relay” & , “Ball over, Ball under”), knowledge in the very exciting round of “SMKC Quiz Contest”, talent and creativity in the humorous and much awaited round of  “Mad Ads”.

    In the fight to the finish, Sailors’ were declared winners and the captain took back to his team a ‘gaddai’ of bananas and ‘Mangalore Friends’ who were a close second, won a basket of juicy oranges.

    No event is complete without Bingo! Thanks to the generosity of Agnel & Nancy Fernandes of Azure Advertising LLC who sponsored the bingo, 8 lucky people went home with exciting gifts. Roy D’Souza conducted the Bingo and with every number called, anticipation and thrill escalated with every player hoping to win.

    It was time for the “SMKC Has Talent” competition and the people at the Zabeel Park were in for a rare treat of dancing, singing and humour.  It drew the attention of people passing by and non-SMKC picnickers too watched the show clapping and encouraging the participants.












    At Tea-Time, a refreshing tea made its appearance along with a Samosa. Mr. Paul Colaco, Vice President of SMKC, raised the ‘Vote of Thanks’ remembering to thank each and everyone who had contributed in one way or another! Prizes tothe winners of ‘Kushwar Challenge’ contest published in December and in various categories of conducted games were distributed in the evening.

    At the end, the crowd was gearing up for the ‘Baila Session’ and the DJ did not disappoint but played the latest numbers much to the glee and excitement of the dancers. A tired and contented lot went home at sun down!




    SMKC is ever grateful to its sponsors - Azure Advertising, Accurate Radiators, Sapil, Spinneys and many SMKC members who contributed cash and kind.

    When the park area was cleared up and the last litter picked up by the SMKC committee and volunteers, they too left with a smile on their face, satisfied with a job well accomplished and sticking to their motto of brining a smile to everyone’s face!!!

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