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    SMKC Dubai, is a team of proud members at the magnanimous success of our Decennial Celeberation, Grand Konkan Showers 2012 with an evening filled with music, dance, prizes, laughter and fun.

    The evening began with the dynamic  Amita D’Souza taking the stage. Veronica Rego welcomed the audience and the senses were elated when the evergreen compere of Konkani stage Leslie Rego took charge of the entertainment events.

    The troupe of the Late legendary Konkani singer Konkan Koggul Wilfy Rebimbus comprised of his wife Meena Rebimbus, daughter Veena Pais, son Vishwas Rebimbus enthralled the audience. The love and affection Konkani lovers have for this family when they showered thunderous applause for each of their renditions. The trio were well complimented by versatile singers Prem Kumar, Claude D’Souza, Rathan Castelino and Babitha.

    The famous standup Konkani comedian Dolla with his partner Mallu had the audience into split laughter with their gags.

    'Mog Kelo Sangeethachoko' the ever popular song penned and composed by Wilfy Rebimbus launched the musical journey of the evening, with his children Vishwas and Veena making a grand entry to the huge applause from the audience.

    But the centre of all attention was wife of the legendary singer 'Konkan Maina' Meena Rebimbus. The response she received from the audience was a testimony to the deep affection her fans have for her and her family. She presented the song 'Saunsaranth Keten Asa Then'.

    To celebrate the decennial year, a formal cake-cutting ceremony was conduct ted before the beginning of the show. Main sponsors of the event were present along with SMKC president and key members.

    Wilfy's Volume 42, a brand new audio album was inaugurated by Manu D'Souza, son of Michael D'Souza, who is considered one the greatest fans of Wilfy Rebimbus. It was heart-warming to see that the Rebimbus family had chosen him to inaugurate the legend's 42nd volume.

    The music flowed non-stop. Despite two short breaks, the momentum of the nite was kept alive.  Babita Pinto's 'Bapaicha Manak' was a touching song that was appreciated by the audience, as Babita put her remarkable presentation in the song.

    Claud and Prem Kumar added further colour to the show, as both veterans entertained the audience to the maximum and weaved their magic.

    The charm of Wilfy's yesteryears song was as recreated, with old numbers that indeed out-performed the new ones specially 'Mog Tuzo Kitlom Axelom' and 'Vanitha Vandana Shalini' by Vishwas and 'Ani Maka Na Kai Unem' by Vishwas and Babitha, 'Suryo Budon' and 'Tuje Ven' by Veena and other songs. 'Chili Pili Suknyano' by Meena brought back those glorious days, being one of the finest creations of Wilfy Rebimbus. The audience went on emotional and joyful ride listening to the song.

    Local boy Rathan Castelino, who has rendered quite a few songs at Wilfy Nites and albums, presented 'Boby' song that captured the attention of the audience.

    The interludes by Dolla and Mellu on regular intervals were hilarious. Both artistes showed the great professionalism in their acting and succeeded in creating a laughter riot among the audience.

    Ocean Kids presented scintillating dances during the show.

    Master compere Leslie Rego was superb as usual. His vocabulary, clear words, humour, wit and the charming presentation stole the hearts of Konkani audience presence. He kept the audience busy throughout the show.

    The show ended with a non-stop baila with people descending on the dance floor, enjoying every bit of it.

    The music arrangement was excellent as usual. Joswin and Pappan did full justice to the Nite, with support from local musicial experts like Arun Carlo and Ramiro Mascarenhas.

    Though Wilfy's absence was felt, his family members put in every effort to make the show memorable, and indeed, it was a great tribute to the legend and perfect decennial event for the SMKC.

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