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    St. Joseph's Catholic Church Abu Dhabi

    Church Timings


    English Masses: 6:30 Am, 7:45 Am, 9:00 Am & 7:00 Pm

    Catechism: 9:00 Am & Children's Mass 10:15 Am

    Filipino Mass: 12.00 noon

    Malayalam Mass: 3:30 Pm

    Urdu Mass: 5:00 Pm

    Arabic Mass: 8.15 Pm

    Adoration: 3:30 Pm (Every First Friday)


    English Masses: 6:30 Am(not valid for Sunday obligation) & 7:00 Pm


    English Masses: 6:30 Am, 9:00 Am, 4:30 Pm, 5:45 Pm, 8.15 Pm

    Catechism: 5.00 Pm & Children's Mass at 6.00 Pm

    Arabic Mass: 7:00 Pm

    Filipino Mass: 7.30 in Parish Hall


    English Masses: 6:30 Am & 7:00 Pm


    English Masses: 6:30 Am & 7:00 Pm


    English Masses: 6:30 Am, 7:.00 Pm


    English Masses: 6:30 Am, 6.45 Pm

    Rosary : Daily at 6.30 Pm

    Novena : St. Anthony: Every Tuesday at 7.30 Pm

    Novena : Our Lady of Perpetual succor: Every Wednesday at 7.30 Pm

    Konkani Mass : Every 3rd Friday at 7.00 Pm in Parish hall

    Tamil Mass : Every 1st & 3rd Friday at 6.00 Pm

    French Mass : Every Monday at 6.00 Pm

    Singhalese Mass: Every 2nd Friday at 6.00 Pm

    Wedding Anniversary Mass: Every 2nd Monday of the Month at 8.00 Pm

    Bible Study : Every Tuesday 8.00 Pm & Every Saturday 8.30 Am

    Baptism : Every Thursday at 4.30 Pm, Registration at $.00 Pm

    Baptism Seminar : Every 1st Wednesday of the Month at 8.00 Pm

    Marriage Preparation Course: 8.00 Pm (Second Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday and

    Thursday of every alternative month)

    Confession Before, During And On Request


    Fr. Savarimuthu OFM, Cap

    Fr. Felipe Costelo OFM, Cap

    Fr. Thomas A. OFM, CAP

    Fr. Nidal Abourjaily, OFM, CAP

    St. Joseph's Church - Abu Dhabi

    P O Box 54

    Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

    Tel: 00971 2 4461929 (Arabic Priest: 02-4465041) Fax: 02 446186

    2004 - 2014 , KONKANUAE, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Email: smkcdxb@eim.ae